It's like a train wreck, you can't look away and people get weirded out if you start going through pockets: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Yes, folks, it's that day again. Time to belly on up to the Random Tuesday bar and let me pour you a shot of whatthefuckisshetalkingabout. (It's new, just got put on the shelves.) Then keep the party happening on your own blogs!

So, Disney bought Marvel Entertainment. I wish I'd known it was for sale, I'm sure I have 4 billion laying around here someplace. But anyway, who wants to take bets on how long it takes for gay and bisexual characters like Northstar and Rictor to get unceremoniously shoved back in the closet? Not that Marvel had a ton of them to begin with. But they were making progress. I know Disney's all family-friendly; at least, if it's the right kind of family.

C'mon, someone prove me wrong here.

On the other hand, hopefully this means they'll stop attempting to make Punisher movies.

I spend a lot of time on this site, horrifying myself by what's in the beauty products I use. Go on. I dare you.

Most disturbing Twilight fanatic stuff to date:

Edward shower curtain

Edward My Little Pony Mod

Twilight-inspired dildo

This morning I had a dream that I was trying to get frisky with hubby and he rejected me, getting mad and telling me I was a liar because I didn't really find him attractive. For the record, obviously I find him very attractive (and my dream self has a lot more energy than my real self in the morning). I told him about it; he seemed more interested in the frisky part than whether his dream-self was mad at me. But when I got home from work he offered me 12 roses, to apologize for his dream-self being an ass. Also to make it abundantly clear that he would not reject my frisky self under ANY circumstances.

I wonder what I can lie dream about tomorrow morning?

I totally missed my blogoversary. It was last Monday. So I'm having an extra glass of wine to celebrate. Feel free to do the same.

Who knew that I, with the attention span of a gnat, would manage to

Oh holy shit this is the funniest kid's toy ever!

Hubby also broke the computer chair the other day. He blames girthiness. I blame leaning further than crappy Wal-Mart computer chairs are meant to lean. Either way, now I'm sitting on a folding chair.

My butt hurts.

In unrelated news, this may be the shortest RTT ever. See, I told you it would be quick and painful. Now grab the button and link up!