What is the world coming to? I really need this vacation: Random Tuesday Thoughts


This is where I usually write my witty Tuesday intro, but I'm feeling kind ofOH HOLY CRAP DID YOU SEE THAT??

What? You missed it?

Well, you blinked and missed the witty Tuesday intro, too. So we're just going to launch right in.

I bought a skirt today. I have no idea why. I'm not a skirt person. I don't like to show my legs, I don't feel comfortable in skirts, someone might mistake me for a GIRL. But, every so often, I am suddenly enamoured of the thought of being a "skirt person". Even though I know I'll probably only wear it once, and then shove it to the back of the closet, and literally have to dust it off when I need to go to the wedding of someone I don't know or out for dinner 2 weeks after giving birth when I'm unable to fit into anything resembling actual pants.

Plus, it was seven dollars. SEVEN DOLLARS. It would be a crime not to buy it.

Check back next week. I'll be hosting a giveaway for a skirt.

No, not really. Next week I'm on vacation. We're heading out to the land of milk and honey and Captain Dumbass. For a whole week! I know, I totally don't deserve it. Especially since I'm far too lazy to prepare posts in advance to entertain y'all, and I called in some favours. You don't need to know details, but let's just say it will still be entertaining and Jenni gets to keep her kneecaps, after all.

I think I gave the guest bloggers a theme, but I may have been drinking at the time. So if nudity offends you, maybe you should take a vacation too.

Paper towel. Maple syrup.

What? I need to get groceries. And no, that isn't some bizarre Canadian reference. I had waffles for dinner and used up all the damn syrup, okay?

I haven't heard a peep out of the alleged Firefly MMO in development but now there's this? JUST FUCKING KILL ME NOW.

My thoughts are really short today.

Have you entered my book giveaway yet? What, you think you know everything about parenting or something?

Really? Can you clue me in? Because my kid is a fucking savage.

I AM OUT OF WINE HOW IN THE HELL COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED? Seriously, who's in charge here??

Well this is clearly an emergency, so I have to go. Make yourself at home. Grab that button there. Entertain everyone else with your own random thoughts, and make sure you say hi to Mr. Linky!