Now, if AC/DC were underwater, they might sound better: Random Tuesday Thoughts


It's my favorite weekday! Well, okay, not really. My favorite weekday is FRIDAY, duh. But Tuesdays are a close second. So grab the button and get your random on!

AC/DC is playing here tonight. Well, not HERE, they'd have a hard time fitting into the basement, but at the stadium in town. I can hear it, even though it's 2 miles away. And guess what? They sound just as shitty as if I were RIGHT THERE! I think I just saved myself a hundred bucks, or something.

Once when I was a teenager my friend and I were partying with this Australian guy, and my friend was the designated driver. When we got in the car to drive home, the Aussie requested some music for the ride, the name of which he pronounced "Acca Dacca". What with the accent and the pronunciation, my friend had not a single friggin' clue what he was talking about, until I piped up from the back seat, "That's how they pronounce AC/DC in Australia."

Ah! Communication success, tape in the tape deck, everybody happy. My friend brought it up the next day, but I had no idea what she was talking about. I didn't remember saying that, and I had no fucking idea I even possessed that knowledge.

That's right. I was a drunken teenage psychic, y'all.

I think I'm getting a cold, and my ears are plugged. All day, everything has sounded like it was underwater. It was really irritating, until I started picturing everything actually BEING underwater. Then it was more entertaining.

When my keyboard floated away I decided I'd probably taken too many cold meds.

It occurs to me, as I sit here in my schlumpy pajamas and glasses with my extra rolls of tummy and my hair in a ponytail, drinking extra calories that I don't really need, that I'll never be considered "a hottie" again. But that's okay, because I'm smart and funny and talented, and I've already procreated, so my worth as a human being is intact, right?


Actually, that thought has occurred to me before. But don't worry, someone came along before the garage could really fill up with carbon monoxide.

My boss is out of town this week. It's been really nice to just plow through my massive workload without constant interruptions. I do like my job, just sometimes the environment sucks. This week has me thinking that I should just open my own pretzel stand six months out of the year, or maybe a gelato shop.

Um. Okay, that one even surprised ME with it's randomness. Considering I'm a graphic designer.

Sso if you're just standing around, these are called Squinters?

And...that's all folks. Do join us, won't you?