I'm baaaaack, and some other cliches: Random Tuesday Thoughts


So! Here I am. Back. After a week's holidays. Do I feel refreshed? Um...not really. But I missed you guys! So let's just jump right in there, okay?

I did miss you guys but to be honest, I don't really feel like blogging. Or very random. Mostly my thoughts consist of "I want to be back on holiday. I want to be back on holiday. I want to win the lottery so I can be back on holiday. I want to be back on holiday."

FoN said I didn't have to blog if I didn't want to, because I don't have a bloggy boss. See? YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME.

(Yes you are.)

On an unrelated note, my actual boss didn't even say 'hi' when I got into the office today. He eyeballed me and growled, "You are never allowed to take holidays EVER AGAIN."

Then he dumped two weeks worth of work on my desk.

Oh, yay! Welcome home.

My toddler rolled with the punches on holiday beyond my wildest expectations. He was awesome, and had a total blast. Mostly because there was a small kitten there for him to torture. The kitten was used to toddler torment, since it already lived in a house with an 18-month old, but I realized we may have let him get away with a bit too much in that department when we arrived home and he tried to pick up our 70-lb dog by her skin.

Yeah, she's really thrilled we're home.

We had a house-sitter/dog walker here while we were gone. When I was putting stuff away I wondered if she'd gone through our medicine cabinet. Not that I really care, but it made me hatch a new social experiment: I want to fill our medicine cabinet with really weird and cool things, like antique medical equipment or jars of exotic candy or dozens of gold dentures. And then have a party, and watch to see if you can tell who rifled through there when they were using the toilet. Who's confident enough to admit they opened it up? Who just looks shifty-eyed as they exit? Who manages to look completely guileless?

I probably should have been an anthropologist with this kind of in depth thinking.

Did I mention I love holidays?

A loving shout-out to Captain Dumbass, Casey, Jenni, Churchpunkmom, Frogmama, Michele, and Sprite's Keeper for holding down the fort while I was gone. They did it with style, panache, and a remarkable lack of clothing. Also thanks to Julie for conducting her own social experiment by giving me a post that was just thismuch over the top, and then watching me squirm while I agonized over whether to post it or not. Let me know when it gets published in Penthouse, won't ya Julie?

And that's about it for me today, kids. What? I'm easing back into it.

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