Are you random yet? You should be random. Why aren't you random?


Wheee! It's that time o' the week - time to let all your randomness hang out. So c'mon - you've spent the weekend celebrating your independence, now join the damn crowd! Write a post that contains nary a segue, grab that funky purple button, and link up!

I'm tapping this out on my awkward laptop because I was working on a logo/business card for a friend (all my software is on here). The friend hasn't responded well to my usual approach to these requests, which is to ignore it and make excuses until they a) forget they asked in the first place, b) get pissed off enough to ask someone else or c) move on to some other kind of business endeavour. For some reason he keeps phoning no matter how often I grunt a non-response.

This friend is half responsible for my "I'm blogging" excuse, though. He was the one who said to me sometime last summer: "Do you have a blog? You should have a blog. Why don't you have a blog?".

Bet he's sorry now.

On a tangent that is totally unrelated because this is supposed to be random, that's pretty much how hubby and I got together. Someone said: "Are you dating? You should be dating. Why aren't you dating?"

And look how well that turned out. So, hey! High hopes for this whole blog thing.

Yes, I am highly suggestible, why do you ask?

You ever have a whole post planned around photographic evidence that turns out to not look that impressive after all?

I hate that.

If my son makes it to adulthood with all his limbs and eyes and the majority of his skull intact, I'm throwing a huge fucking party. You read it here first.

What brought that on? Oh, just, EVERYTHING HE DOES.

I've been getting a LOT of google searches along the lines of "what to do with your girlfriend". I'm going to take the high road and assume these people are looking for date ideas, but I have no idea how they end up here. Hubby and I don't really get to go on dates anymore, and even when we did, we spent a lot of the time with our backs to each other on separate computers, playing MMOs. We're those uber geeky people whose avatars get married in-game.

Well, except for the part where I would never fucking do that.

At any rate, I totally don't recommend suggesting that as a fun date to the majority of girlfriends.

(Just the awesomest ones. Heh)

In New Zealand, an ad agency created a billboard that bleeds when it rains to remind people to drive according to the road conditions. Um, am I the only one who would drive into the fucking ditch after seeing a bleeding billboard?

Okay, gotta go continue my charity work now. Random it up, ya'll!*

*I feel I can say this because I'm still drinking mojitos.