I could have solved this by just not coming home

So! No Doubt? Honestly, the best show I've seen in a really really REALLY long time. They looked like they were having so much fun, the sound was fantastic, the seats were good (a little nosebleedy, but great view). They were the only band EVER to say "You're the best crowd EVER!" and sound like they actually meant it.

Gwen looked fantastic. I want to be her. Can I be her? Who do I have to kill?

(I settled for buying a hoodie and not killing anybody).

We had a great dinner. I got to sleep all fucking night! And hog the bed! And then we had an awesome breakfast at Stella's followed by some SHOPPING. In a mall much less lame than the ones we have here. The kind of mall where (as FoN put it) there's a swirling vortex that sucks you in and suddenly you've lost 6 hours and $500.


Totally needed that holiday. Except for the tiny detail at the end. The part where, when I got home, my child wanted nothing to do with me. Actually climbed over his father to get away from me.

I was still a little deaf from the concert, but I'm pretty sure I could hear my heart breaking.