I effed with the space-time continuum and ended up on the ranch: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Hey kids! Guess what time it is?

Except, well, it's not really that time. Or, it will be when you read this, but not right NOW. See, right NOW I'm probably sleeping the sleep of the deaf after seeing No Doubt in concert, so I'm writing my Random Tuesday Thoughts in advance this week. Right, um, NOW. Well, like, NOW now, not NOW.

Holy crap I think I just invented time travel. And then broke my brain.

So if you want to play, grab yerself a button, piss out a stream of consciousness, and call it Random Tuesday!

I actually had to start this post on the crappy older computer in Internet Explorer. NOW I REMEMBER WHY I USE FIREFOX. You ever see somebody's blog post with like, an inordinate amount of space between paragraphs? Yeah, you can bet they wrote it using IE, saved it, and came back to it later. To find that their carriage returns had gotten busy and multiplied. Oh! And don't even get me started on the hula dance you have to do to cut and paste something between blog posts. ROAR.

Today I drove out to my parents house. I call it "The Ranch". They don't actually ranch, or farm anything, but it's about 20 acres, a half hour out of town. They were always city dwellers until they retired.

I know, most people downsize when they retire, but whatevs.

Anyway, they're off hiking and Mom wanted me to water her plants. So I loaded the toddler into the car and drove out to do that. Guess what? You can fit a lot of plants into 20 acres.

It took us probably an hour and a half. I even exploited let my kid help.

Teaching him how to operate a spray nozzle was probably not one of my smarter moves.

Need another time waster? I've probably spent the better part of my last three days' surfing time on Not Always Right. Wow - people are crazy.

Today I had this conversation with Fashionista:

Her: "Anything new?"

Me: "Not really. You?"

Her: "No, not really."

Conclusion: We're both boring as hell and the ride to see No Doubt is going to be a silent one.

Okay, Random Tuesday Thoughts just aren't the same on a Sunday. I'm officially calling Time of Death on this one.

But it's Tuesday for YOU! (Well, probably. If you're playing by the rules. Not naming any names. JULIE.) So get all randomy and hook up with Mr. Linky! Mwah, dahlings! I'll see you when I return!