More Mom than Un, sorry

On Monday I'm heading out to the highly cosmopolitan city of Winterpeg to see No Doubt in concert. And I'm kind of freaking out.

Not about the concert, although I imagine it will be fabulous and Gwen Stefani will spot fellow moms through the crowd and invite us backstage to drink wine and give each other pedicures while playing dress-up in the latest L.A.M.B. goods. No, I'm freaking out because I'm going to be away from my son overnight.

I don't talk about parenting or my kid much on this blog and that's because it's the UN Mom. So this isn't about parenting or my kid. This is about me being a big fucking softie and crying about leaving my toddler alone with, horrors, his father, oh boo hoo.

I mean, seriously, it's not like I'm sticking him in a cage for the duration. He'll be fine (though hubby may have some scarring). I've just never been away from him for more than 8 or 9 hours, and never overnight. I'm going to miss him.

Okay, I'm not going to miss the temper tantrums he's been throwing at every diaper change and nap time and for that matter, it'll be nice to be in company that's continent. And I'm not going to miss the random wake ups (yes, still) that only seem to occur after I've JUST drifted off to sleep.

But, still. What if he needs me? What if he has a nightmare and I'm not there to rock him and pat his little back?

I mean, it'll be nice to have a whole bed all to myself and no toddler-clock and there's very little chance that anyone will wake up covered in their own feces. And it might be nice to walk through a crowd without being perpetually on the edge of a panic attack that my companion will be abducted when I glance away. Or eat a meal without having something thrown at my head, or drink my coffee without having to explain that it's "hot, I said it's hot, no don't touch I said it's HOT wait awwwwww....well what did I just tell you?"


You know what? I think he'll be fine.