HASAY update, and some ducks

Today was supposed to be our first 'group run' (ie, 'find out how out of shape you really are') to kick off our training program for the relay marathon. However, it's been raining and close to freezing for 3 days, so it was called on account of wimpiness postponed until tomorrow.

(It's great weather, if you're a duck. Apparently the ducks got that memo, because when I got into my car this afternoon, this is what I saw:


Trust me, my lawn is not normally duck habitat.)

Anyway, I've still been hitting the treadmill and have added some cross-training courtesy of the new Wii game EA Active. It kicks Maya's butt - and mine - all over the place, and it's a lot more fun. So far the workouts lean heavily towards the leg/glute end of things, which is good, and also OW. Really, really OW. Jumping lunges? Jumping squats? Followed by more squats and oh! hey! Maybe some lunges?

I never thought I'd be begging for an ab exercise.

You're probably wondering when the 'fun' part comes in. The squats and lunges are not a party unto themselves, but they're sometimes disguised as games like inline skating, and mixed in with 'for fun' games like baseball that keep your heart rate up.

So, fitness is going well. And, uh, look! We're out of time, we can't talk about the food.

Move along, nothing to see here.