Woo-hoo! Wholesale bongs! ...Random Tuesday Thoughts


Today feels like a Friday. Because hubby has a totally whacked-out schedule, and all the planets aligned to give him three - three! - days off in a row, so I decided to make two of them MY days off as well. So as of now we're actually spending a 'weekend' - with neither of us having to work - together.

You'll forgive me if I cut this short. Ahem.

Anyway, it's not really a Friday, it's Tuesday. Which only means one thing around this crazy blog I call...well, blog...it's Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Know how to play? Great - get at it, soldier! Need some instruction? Well, step off the short bus and let me elaborate: You grab the purple button. You write a post consisting of whatever's in your brain at that moment on your own blog (don't go cluttering up my place, now, the cleaners haven't been by in a while...). And then you leave your link with Mr. Linky, so we can all stop by YOUR place and drink your good beer and rummage through your medicine cabinet.

Got it? Good! Let's begin.

I've been running every 2nd day and running for 0.2k longer each time. I thought I was way ahead of the game for running the 10k in the middle of September, but then I checked the calendar and realized I pretty much HAVE to continue that pace. I have like, two days' wiggle room.

Well, crap. That makes it sound an awful lot like work, doesn't it?

Today I had the rare - and odd - opportunity to visit the local hemp shop and see their huge warehouse of bongs.

Shut up. It was for work.

Anyway, I also got to listen to the hemp shop owner orate about his plan to import bongs cheaper from China (as "vases", oh those sneaky Chinese), and then undercut the competition by selling them at a discount. Basically his plan for world domination through bong sales. As he explained it, "That way I've covered the wholesale and retail and I can CRUSH THE COMPETITION".

Wow. Somehow I've always thought pot smokers were a lot less...aggressive.

Imagine what he'd be like if he didn't partake of the herb?

In case you're just tuning in, I'm a bit of a video game addict. But I don't have a lot of time these days and I didn't want to waste $60 on Sims 3. So I downloaded it onto my phone for seven bucks.

My Sim is reeeaaalllly teeny.

She's also a total whore. She married young to the first girl she, um, "woo-hoo"ed with, not realizing that her wife was a total bitch. But apparently the bitch doesn't care who else she woo-hoos with, so she's been trying out the less-fair sex, as it were. All of them.

She accidentally "woo-hoo"ed herself to death. For reals. I knew you could starve them, but I had no idea you could boink them to death. What a way to go.

Bex said that yesterday's post was one of the best ones I've written since I had that mouse problem.

You know, when I didn't actually write anything but posted a picture of a dead mouse?

I'm not sure how to feel about that.

Superheroes - the elder years. (LOVE the Flash! Bwahhahhah!!)

Anyway! I'm off to enjoy my 'weekend' the old fashioned way - with an adult beverage and a chocolate cupcake. What's going on in YOUR brain this Tuesday? Let us know and link up!