Well, fire's not THAT bad, but the tree IS pretty: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Hey! It's Tuesday! Know what that means? It means you should be here, at the Un Mom, the blog that pops up when you google shit like "I am just going to type in something random and hope something turns up".

For reals.

Although, that isn't really THAT random. Really random would be "do ninjas like cake?" which also, apparently, gets you to my blog.

My mother is so proud.

Also, I have no idea if ninjas like cake. I mean, I have it on good authority that the Febreze Ninja LOVES cake, unless it's black forest cake, in which case, only in a pinch. Like, if there is no other cake to be found, she'll eat it, but otherwise, bleh. But I have no clue if real ninjas like cake.

ANYWAY, I'm not calling this Random Creepday Thoughts anymore, because apparently when I did that last Tuesday I broke the internet and Blogger somehow forgot how to send my post feed to ya'll. So many people missed out on my story of how I didn't actually beat anybody up. So it's just back to Random Tuesday Thoughts. If you know how to play - great! What are you waiting for? If you don't, here's how it works: You grab the fugly purple button. You write a post of a mish-mash of incongruent thoughts. You link up with Mr. Linky!

Got it? Good. Now go do that, because I have nothing further for you this week.

Seriously, I don't know what I'm going to write about this week. I've been battling some weird sinus infection/cold/allergies thing that is as yet unidentified but is kicking my ass. It's also rendering my thought process to it's most basic. You know, along the lines of "Fire bad. Tree pretty. Jerry Springer!". Which, other than the afore-mentioned post feed problem, is why I haven't posted since Friday. When the blogging hour arrives, it's all I can do to summon the mental energy to play Bejeweled.

Fire bad. Tree pretty.

I have, however, been having some alarmingly deep thoughts regarding things like body image. They're not funny, so you don't care.

(And if I posted it here I'd be robbing myself of a HASAY post next week)

Ever noticed that the people available to 'chat' on Facebook are always the people you can't be bothered to talk to? Why do you have them as friends, anyway?

Also, are they thinking the same thing about you?

Drinking a mojito in the basement on a grey day is not the same as having one on the deck on a warm sunny day. They don't actually taste that good, to be honest. But I'm out of wine.

I've been window shopping for baby stuff for my friend Fashionista's impending bundle of joy. So far I have come up with this sweet ride

or this Klingon Cradle.

Whaddya think? Best friend ever, right?

Yeah, all right, that's all I got. I seem to recall threatening to take a day off in June, it probably should have been today.

But I'm such a workaholic.

So, share your own, hopefully more poignant, thoughts! Grab the button and link up!