I can't even tie these together with a title, but there's a gift, if you like boots: Random Creepday Thoughts


I am hereby renaming Tuesdays "Creepdays", because they keep creeping up on me. So you know what time it is, right? It's time for Random Creepday Thoughts!

Um...which is the bloggy thing formerly known as Random TUESDAY Thoughts.

Anyway, if you're not familiar, where the hell have you been? And did you pick up the vodka I asked for?

Random Tuesday, I mean Creepday, Thoughts work like this: You have some random thoughts. You type them out. You grab the button, slap it on your post to make it seem like you MEANT to do that, and leave us a link so we can all join in your confusion!

I've softened somewhat and I'm trying to work things out with Mr. Linky. So in case he's discombobulated or absent, leave your link in the comments too.

That about cover it? Okay, I'll go first:

I woke up this morning with my hand down my pants. Um...what the hell? Did I turn into a dude overnight? Is there some subconscious concern that my lady bits might get up and leave me?

Even I wonder what the fuck goes on in my head sometimes.

Yesterday I had brunch with some girlfriends. We do it once a month - everybody brings something and we gossip and chat and chow down. (This month I made mojitos, in case anybody is wondering. What? I planted a herb garden for a reason). I wish someone had taken notes from our first brunch dates, which were like 6 years ago. Then we could compare what we talked about then to what we talk about now.

You know, in case we need another method to help us feel old.

Someone from Whooga.com contacted me to offer you guys a $30 gift card to spend on their website. All you have to do is enter the code UNMOMX30 into the promo box at the cart.

I shit you not. I'm now a discount code.

Whoogas are like Uggs, in case you're too lazy to click over. They look soooo comfy but personally, I can't pull off the look. Sheepskin boots with a skirt is never going to make me look anything but fucking ridiculous, but maybe one of you can manage to make it look 'quirky' or 'romantic'? Probably someone skinny?

Don't look at these before you go to bed. Or if you are still getting over some childhood fears. Or if you have children and don't remember how vivid and bizarre their imaginations can be. Or if you pride yourself on being 'normal' (in which case, get the fuck off my blog please) or are easily shocked, scared, or offended. Also, you probably shouldn't read the comments if you like the images, or if you really don't like the images, or if stupid and illiterate people offend you.

You know what? Just forget I ever said anything.

I just noticed this is my 200th post. Um, yay? I actually didn't think I'd hold it together this long. Sure, the rest of my life is falling apart and we've resorted to buying new clothes rather than tackle the mountain of laundry, but hey - MY BLOG MADE IT TO 200 POSTS!

This post from Michelle has had me thinking all day about how quickly information travels now. Do you ever watch old movies or tv shows and think, "This wouldn't be a problem if they had a cel phone". Or do you ever read historical novels and want to scream, "FOR THE LUVVA BLOG, WOMAN, JUST CHECK THE INTERNET!!".

No? Me neither.

Hubby has his own blog.

Yeah, that one's just standalone. I didn't ask for permission to direct you all there, and it's mostly comic stuff anyway (I can hear you yawning from HERE). But he just announced it a few days ago and I'm still a little blown away.

So on that note - it's your turn! Snag that button, get all random, go buy some boots! Happy Creepday!