Overhaul your life in 264 easy steps! ...Random Tuesday Thoughts


Oh dear lord it's Tuesday again. Is it just me or did April have like, 7 Tuesdays? I swear it had at least that many. Possibly 8.

Hm. No, Google Analytics assures me there were only four. It also tells me that I still swear too much, because there are an inordinate amount of people arriving here by googling some combination of the word "fuck". Including the classic, "funky fuck fuck fuck".

(Was the third 'fuck' really necessary?)

(That's what SHE SAID)

Anyway, you know the deal! Grab the button, use it to duct-tape together your own rambling post, and leave your link with Mr. Linky! Think we can crack 100 participants this week?

Let us begin!

While we're on the Google Analytics topic, a few of my favorites lately:

What are some things that people just don't give a crap about?


What do people sometimes do in the summer


Too skinny to poop?

...do people think I have ALL the answers? Geez, I'm just one woman.

(A woman who is NOT too skinny to poop.)

I have a pretty ring on my finger. I keep watching it as I type. *girlish giggle*

(Okay, I can't pull off the girlish giggle. I'll just smirk.)

I haven't posted a HASAY update in a while. I was going to post one yesterday but...I'm ashamed. I never, ever should have written about how strong and confident and healthy I felt, because it immediately slid downhill. All month. I don't honestly know why, but I have had very little energy and no willpower. I've gained 3 lbs.

It's not a whole lot but those were VERY hard-won pounds, so I'm a little bitter.

I think I'm going to try to 'reboot' with a detox/cleanse, like the one Beth did. I'm trying to find one that's not going to hurt me or starve me too bad, but if next weeks Tuesday post is all, "Linoleum! It starts in the brain stem! Burn the heretic! Oh wait I'M the heretic. Burn the lions! Someone invent teleportation already, I want to cross my DNA with a ocelotl!", you'll know why.

What do you mean you can't see a difference? Shut up.

I'm 35 now. That's like, a whole other box to tick. It's the default age on the ellipticals at the gym. It's the year your doctor starts prefacing things with, "Well, you're in your mid-30s now so...". Strangely, I don't really have a problem with it.

But I do anticipate having some issues with 36. It's a saucy age, given to backtalk, and MUCH closer to 40 than it is to 30. Gah.

Now that Paul has made the "we're assuming we're eventually going to get hitched" thing all official (and sparkly), apparently he feels his work is done. Buy a ring? Check. Ask? Check. Okay! Wedding should plan itself.

So, uh, how does summer of 2016 sound to ya'll?

(Have I mentioned how lazy I am?)


So, not to get all female on you, but I'm going to call it a night - I kind of have a headache. My kid kicked me in the eye socket earlier, and he has really big feet. Apparently these things hurt more when you're 35? Would have appreciated a memo, but anyway.

Belly up to the random bar, cowpokes (and, um...cowpokettes?)! Write your post, leave your link, and don't forget to visit the other randomizers!

Edit - Dammit! Mr. Linky appears to be down. If and when he reappears, I'll try to put everybody's link in. Till then, just put your link in the comments like the resourceful Sprite's Keeper.