Rogers Wireless wants you to stalk Joshua Jackson

And you totally won't get arrested for it this time, either.

Joshua Jackson

If you're in the Toronto area, (or can get there by Monday), on Monday Joshua will be doing a one-day tour of Toronto, to celebrate the launch of Canada’s first Android-powered smartphones from Rogers Wireless (I'll be honest, "android-powered" kind of freaks me out. It's just another indicator of the eventual robot takeover. But I'm distracted enough by hawtness to not make a big deal out of it). He'll make several secret stops around the city.

He may or may not be dressed as a ninja.

Stalkers Fans who spot Joshua (Mr. Jackson if you're nasty - and I bet he wants you to be) around Toronto will have an opportunity to win prizes including Rogers phones and Rogers gift cards, plus a chance to win a grand prize high-seas Caribbean adventure for two valued at $4,000.

(If you win it, you HAVE to take me. And Joshua. Actually, you're expendable)

He's going to blog clues & pics as to where you can track him down and force him to father your unbearably cute children meet him. Check Rogers Revolution for more info.

Go. Hunt.

I have to go check on cheap flights to Toronto now.