Though I may be feeling a bit lightheaded

HASAY and detox/cleanse update: Okay, I'm cleansed. I'm good. Can I stop now?

Actually, up until Thursday I was feeling great. But I think I may have caught a bit of my son's stomach flu, so I'm feeling a bit rumbly and adding extra fibre and herbs to that seems unnecessarily masochistic, y'know? So I'm still eating the diet (organic fruits & veg, raw nuts, eggs, small portions of chicken & fish) but not taking the supplements. Hubby looks like he'll actually finish out the 2 weeks, I'm really proud of him.

And I'm now going to start logging my weight on more professional equipment. I found this at the mall. It says I've lost 11 lbs, so it's clearly a finely-tuned instrument.

just don't wish to be big

Plus, it gives you winning lottery numbers and super helpful advice for the day like, "Want to get rich quick? Invest in vending machines to rob suckers of their quarters!".

Obviously worth the trip to the mall and 25 cents!