It's GRADapalooza, if you're Canadian

So I challenged everyone yesterday to ante up with their prom pics, as requested by Blissfully Caffeinated and the Stiletto Mom. And apparently Jen over at Sprite's Keeper also made it the Spin this week, so hey! you can't lose!

Other than the rest of us snickering at you, that is. We're snickering out of love, though, I swear.

As it turns out I don't have a lot of my prom pics floating around. I know I've seen better ones, but other people must have them. FoN?

This first pic is actually not from MY grad. Pretty much all my friends graduated the year before me.

It's because I am YOUNGER, you guys. Not dumber. Although the pics may say differently.

Anyway, I was my friend J's date to go to their grad, because that was the "real" party. I was a real prom slut that year, too, I went to THREE in total (and wore the same hideous dress each time. It may have been rather ripe by the end).

(I was showing off my black Lee press-on nails. Rawr!)

The next year (my lonely, lonely senior year), my actual grad, I pretty much just went to the ceremony and then wandered off. It was the first year the school did a 'dry' grad, and much to my chagrin, everybody went. Sheep.

My friend J accompanied me again, and as you can see I was rockin' the goth look (with a dress I found at a second-hand store):

(What you can't see is that I had to wear flat sandals instead of heels, because a couple of weeks earlier I'd broken my baby toe in the most spectacular fashion. So I was like...hippy goth. Or something. It bothered me more than it should have, considering I didn't have many friends in my own graduating class)

(Also what you can't really see is J's super long hair that he pulled back into a half-ponytail. We pretty much had the same hair there. He held on to that hair for WAY longer than he should have)

I know, my pics turned out to be kind of lame. I know you guys came here looking for some big hair, so here's a parting shot:

Oh yeah, baby.