In lieu of a real post, a challenge. En garde!

Often, on Thursdays, I post a retro pic for ya'll in conjunction with Bex's fun new meme, Funky Foto Flashback. But this week I'm saving the painful memories til tomorrow because Jen at Blissfully Caffeinated and Mary Anne, the Stiletto Mom, have put their twisted brains together and challenged us all to celebrate prom season by posting our own prom photos.

(Up here we don't call it 'prom' much. We usually just say 'grad'. But it's the same concept: the hair! the satin! the underage drinking!)

If you want to play - and you know you therapist will say it's probably a good idea - just post your own pic tomorrow and make sure you give those two ladies credit. We have to blame SOMEONE for those mental scars, right? Then leave them a comment telling them where to find your shame, and they'll direct the entire internet your way.

Well, maybe half.