This is where I would normally make a joke about salads and the potential for tossing them, but I don't want THOSE google searches

Today is Day One of the detox/cleanse that hubby and I are doing. I'm officially fucking starving. Interestingly, celery and organic spinach didn't make me feel sated BEFORE I started this cleanse, so I'm not sure why I thought this would be any different.

Hubby has a standing Wednesday lunch manager meeting at his restaurant. He wanted to know what he'd be 'allowed' to eat. The answer is pretty much nothing - it's a pizza joint, after all - but I told him his best bet would be a salad.

He texted me: "Mmm, salad"

I texted back jealously peevishly jokingly accusing him of actually ordering a calzone.

Wordlessly, he replied:


Seriously, how in the hell did we ever entertain ourselves before camera cel phones?