HASAY update: I've been rock rolled, which is not as cool as rick rolled

Ah, yes, HASAY. I was doing so well. Then, I hit an invisible wall of some sort, and now I'm a pathetic mime trying to find my way out. Or I'm whats-his-name, pushing the boulder up the hill in Hades, only now I've decided to just get it over with and let the damn rock squash me, because it's not THAT bad here in Hell, I can probably tune out the thirst and the country music, and at least I'll get to lay down for a little while.

I haven't started the cleanse yet, because the lady at the health food store said it was best to spend a week taking acidophilus (which I've totally been pronouncing wrong the whole time, THANKS FOR TELLING ME, guys) first. I'm doing that, and hubby volunteered himself to do the cleanse at the same time. We'll start Wednesday. It's nice that I'll have emotional backup, but you just know he's going to lose like, 20 lbs and look and feel great and I'll be lucky if I don't murder someone for their Skittles.

I need new running shoes in the worst way and I've been getting really painful shin splints any time I try to run or jump, so I haven't exactly been working out to the max, pushing the envelope, feeling the burn or any of those other good cliches. I'm hoping to remedy that this week too so I can get back on the gym track.

FoN said yesterday that her Trainer Lady is putting together a relay team for the city marathon, which is in September, and she needs one more person. Running a marathon is not something I expect or aim to achieve in my lifetime. Even a half marathon seems presumptuous on my part. But a piece of a marathon? That seems like an attainable goal, and Trainer Lady reassured FoN that we're not going to be the weak links on a team of lithe supermodels, it's just for the challenge and fun* of it. So, hopefully, once I get my shit back together, I can spend the summer working towards that. I think part of my problem was that once I 'gave up' on my weight goal, I kind of lost my motivation, so even if this particular relay team falls through I might seek out another or put one together myself.

I never used to trust people who ran; what the hell happened to me?

So the mind is willing, but the flesh is still weak. We'll see how it feels after two weeks of pooping out toxins.

*Isn't the English language fascinating? I mean, how one person can put the words 'marathon' and 'fun' together in a sentence without batting an eye and how another person would rather have their eyelids removed than equate the two? Yeah, enthralling.