Fuck you, Rent-a-Nerd: Funky Foto Flashback

I'm joining in Bex's Funky Foto Flashback meme again this week. It's the coolest new meme going - c'mon, share, you know you want to let us see you in all your corduroy and bowl-cut glory!

Back in high school, I had a pretty solid group of friends, and most of them are STILL my friends so that just speaks to how very tolerant they all are. I mean, for my 17th birthday they all pooled their cigarette money and hired an entertainer, a "Rent-a-Nerd", to arrive at a restaurant at a designated time and embarrass the shit out of me celebrate my birthday. And look how appreciative I was:

I was so truly touched that for FoN's stagette, I remembered their act of kindness and rented her a Kissing Bandit to embarass the shit out of her to make her feel pretty and loved:

He showed up early so the bar was deserted and she didn't get quite the attention I'd hoped. Dammit.

(I also made her that atrocious hat in an attempt to embarass the shit out of her garner her some attention, too. You can't see in the picture but it has a little plastic bride & groom on the front, obnoxious flowers, and "I'm the Bride" written all over it. Turns out, back in the day, it was actually pretty cool and she had people wanting to wear it. DAMMIT).