The bacon probably isn't helping either

I promised I would 'fess up if I fell off the HASAY wagon, even though I decided to focus on being healthy rather than on pounds lost. So I kind of half fell off. Like, one leg dangling.

Easter kind of screwed me in the food front - quite a few cupcakes with butter cream icing and a chocolate bunny or two. But I was still working out, so I figured I'd be okay with a week of bad eating right?

I GAINED FOUR FUCKING POUNDS. In a week. That is not even remotely fair. Ya'll know how long it took me to lose four pounds - is it even physically possible that I got them back in 7 days?

Apparently it is, because they've stayed there all this week. I've tried to be good (hubby is off work which always messes with the healthy eating a little) and I've been working out like a maniac.

("Maybe you're pregnant already!" said FoN.

Yes. I'm 3 days pregnant, and I've gained 4 pounds. I'm really ahead of the curve, here.)

It's kind of frustrating to realize that despite the healthy role models I had growing up, the thousands of tasteless healthy meals and the many times my mother shoved us outdoors to play, the pattern that I'm going to end up following is the other one she showed me: my mother seemed to be chronically on a diet, continually trying to lose that last ten pounds. Constantly at war with food, even when - by all appearances - she was winning.

Anyway, I'm going to keep focusing on my workouts, because if I do manage to get pregnant I do NOT want to be as unhealthy as I was the first time around. That sucked. I want to be ready to run that marathon, ya'll.

Maybe the food thing will just fall into place, right?

Right? Guys?