Fashion has failed me

I'm posting this Funky Foto Flashback a little late because I'm lazy like that, but I just had to share. I went shopping today (don't tell my boss) and, while I've been a little disturbed by all the 'retro' and '80s inspired' crap they've been marketing lately, I haven't reeeaaally paid a lot of attention. But then I saw the scarves. And the colored jeans. And the BOOTS, oh dear gawd the boots.

And I thought: Hm. I've seen this, before, somewhere.

Oh, right. I think it was called 1987.

well at least I was skinny

It didn't look good on me THEN, ya'll.

(Also, Fashion, please explain THIS to me. Really. WHAT THE FUCK.)

(Do you just take really teeny tiny steps, or what? Is it so you can discreetly crap your pants and still continue your harem duties?)