"Ab of Steel" might be taken

I didn't do very well in the exercise & diet department this week, I was kind of a slacker. So naturally, when I weighed in today I had lost a pound, because I'd just eaten a huge pile of waffles and bacon* and THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE WHATSOEVER.

Most of this week I'd been feeling like I'd popped out a rib. Which I've done once before, when I was pregnant, and I have to say it's very uncomfortable. It didn't seem as painful as the first time, but I attributed that to the lack of largish-for-a-baby feet pushing on it from the inside.

Aaaannnnd apparently popping out a rib also causes you to eat like crap. Who knew?

Eventually, I figured out that yes, my ribcage is out of alignment and therefore feels weird, and here is why: I always carry my 30 lb toddler on one side. I do a lot of side bends and leaning over while carrying said toddler, and that has caused one half of my oblique abdominal muscles to become over developed.

Yes, that's right, I have ONE rock-hard ab.

Think I should make a fitness DVD?

*Side note: going to the gym while reeking of bacon is great entertainment value. Really, try it, and watch the entire lineup of people on the treadmills snap their heads around when you start to sweat.