I thought I was over this 18 years ago. Er, I mean, 8 years ago. Yeah.

I'm having blogging angst, ya'll.

I know, right? What a stupid thing to be angsty about. Apparently I don't have much going on in my life. It's not like I fucked up my existence by buying a MONKEY or anything.

It started with the stupid comment form, which is STRESSING ME OUT. Half of you hate it, half of you love it. I don't know what to do with it. I seem to have fixed it to MY liking but I'm not the one leaving the comments.

And then, yesterday, I was all giddy because the Random Tuesday like, exploded out of the gate. And then I got an email from a PR rep asking if I wanted to review a cleaning product, which, okay, nobody is EVER going to believe I actually cleaned something, but thanks, call me when you are working with the developers of anti-zombie spray and I'm TOTALLY your girl. But that was one of the first times anybody's asked me, so I thought it was kind of neat.

So I told hubby, you know, the person who is supposed to GET ME, and he revealed to me that HE DOESN'T EVEN READ THIS BLOG.


He reads my other blog, religiously, because it's about the cutest child in the world, but this one he "just kind of skims because it's just a bunch of friends linking to each other, right?".

Is it? I mean, is that what this blog is? I don't know. I never had a big "plan" for it, like some people do, and I never intended to make money from it, but look! I sold outslapped some ads up there anyway.

My feelings were a lot little hurt because I consider this blog to be more of "me" and the other blog to be "me playing the role of Xander's mother", so it felt like he was saying that he wasn't interested in ME anymore unless it had something to do with our son. Which, of course, is totally not what he was saying.

He's a guy. They don't do that.

But he was surprised that this blog has a larger readership. I don't even know myself why you people keep showing up here. I totally appreciate it, but it feels a little undeserved most of the time. Do you just follow me home because I comment on your blog? Are you going to wander off in disinterest if I start doing reviews?

Anyway I'm thinking maybe I'll take a couple of days off. Bex has a pretty cool meme tomorrow that I might do and of course if the Friday Fill-Ins are good this week I'll do those. And I'll be posting Xander's 17 month update in the next couple of days.

Okay, fine, I'm not going anywhere.

But I'm going to be sulky.