I hereby tender my sort-of temporary resignation

I give up.

Now, before you go sending the HASAY ninjas after me,

(pause to picture Casey in a ninja costume...okay, done)

hear me out.

I'm not giving up working out, and I'm not giving up eating healthily. I'm just giving up on my goal weight.

I'm tired of losing, gaining, and re-losing the same two frickin' pounds. I'm tired of stressing out about what the scale might say this week, and feeling frustrated because I'm not making any 'progress'.

Well, how's this for progress? My jeans fit now, even the ones that didn't fit well pre-pregnancy. I feel fitter and stronger than I have in years. I can try clothes on and look in the mirror and not think, "Oh...gah...well...maybe if I turn sideways and suck it in the whole time...". I am well-positioned to be one of the fit few who survive the zombie apocalypse.

So. Neener neener, goal weight. I don't need you. I was considering starting my own splinter group, like Michelle did, only calling it Twice As Fit As You. Except that sounds pretty braggy, and since Jen can run for like an hour straight, it's also a complete fucking lie.

So, no splinter group. I'll participate in Half As Small As You, I'll post my workouts and I'll totally fess up if I gain back any weight. I'll be a HASAY cheerwhoreleader. But for me, this is as hot as it gets.

(It's pretty hot though).