I have a rich fantasy life: Random Tuesday Thoughts


So, it's that time again...it occurs to me that recently I haven't really been EXPLAINING the Random Tuesday Thoughts for people coming late to the party. So I'll lay it out for you: It's Tuesday. This post has no cohesive train of thought, that is to say, it's random.

Ta da!

So if you have a bunch of little ideas rattling around in your head that can't be blog posts on their own but just won't go away, tie them together with this half-assed meme. Or if you feel the need to get all stream-of-consciousness. Or if you just want to do what all the cool kids are doing.

But you have to sit through mine first.

The guy who installed our new windows and doors recently just sent us a thank you card. Um, is this some kind of contractor etiquette I wasn't aware of? I mean, it's kind of his slow season and all but still, a card? Shouldn't we be thanking HIM?

Gah - wait - was I supposed to send HIM a card? Crap. I don't remember Miss Manners covering this one.

I've almost recovered all the i.d. I lost when my wallet was stolen. (Though I still have to start a new punch card for coffee beans, because the barista totally didn't believe me when I said they owed me a bag of beans. Who would say that if it weren't true?). Which is great and all but, now I don't actually have a wallet. So all my cards are sort of haphazardly shoved in my pockets and falling out onto the floor and never in the same place twice.

Which, now that I think about it, is way more my style.

Blogger needs an "unpublish" button. Because I'm an idiot. I think there needs to be a lot of OTHER buttons to accomodate my idiocy, too, like an "untweet" button and an "unflush" button and an "unsay" button.

Possibly a "re-live your life for the last week" button.

No news on the monkey front. To answer some of your comments, I KNOW, RIGHT?? I thought for sure you couldn't have a monkey here either but apparently you just have to pay through the nose. The discount monkey was only (!) $750 or something but it costs like another $2500 to get it all up to spec. It has to be a GOVERNMENT APPROVED monkey.

Most people just have children for the privilege of having poop flung at us. Much cheaper.

I got a notice from the Land Titles people today about a discharge in interest in my mortgage. Aside from sounding kind of gross, I'm pretty sure it just has something to do with the re-finance we did back in August, but of course the first thought through my head was: OH MY GOD SOME ANONYMOUS BENEFACTOR TOTALLY PAID OFF MY MORTGAGE.

Because I'm pretty sure that actually happens, in real life.

How cool would that be?? Think of all I could buy do with that extra cash every month!

I almost didn't say anything to hubby while I was looking at the letter but then he was all, "So does that mean someone paid off our mortgage??".

We're totally meant for each other.

JS-Kits is doing weird things to my comments. Blogger doesn't seem to think I have any, so it's not sending me notification emails, so the monkey post sat there for two hours this morning while I assumed that NOBODY LOVES ME. I had the rope all strung up and everything before I thought "maybe I should check the actual blog". And hey! You all still love me after all.

I swear, I have no fucking idea what I did for self-validation before I started blogging.

I got quoted at Blogtations! I'm totally flattered. It would have been nice if they'd chosen a quote that didn't make me sound quite so much like a raging alcoholic hosebag, but I guess you guys have figured that out on your own huh?

And, as a late addition, I just found this. I wasn't looking; someone linked to it on Facebook. I swear this shit just FINDS me now. Go on, click it and check out the larger image. THEN see if you're able to sleep tonight.

So....on that note, who wants to play? Grab the button - slap it up there, randomize your post, then come back and leave your link with Mr. Linky! And try to visit a few of the other participants - I know it's getting to be a super long list, but they're all AMAZING bloggers.

Well, almost all of them. Those people that keep leaving their link to non-RTT posts? I'm sending the velociraptors after them. They've been chained to a bunkbed for a while, and those fuckers are HUNGRY.