In fact, I may forget I posted this at all, and then panic later: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Back when I started Random Tuesday Thoughts, I originally had a co-host, Kelly the Neurotic Mom. But then she got smacked with a major bloggy disappointment and one of those exhausting pregnancy things to boot, so she took a bit of a leave. But she's back! New and improved!

Um. Or older and wiser. Or something. Anyway, you should visit her at her new home, Baby Boogers, and leave your linky with her as well. And while you're at it, visit the rest of the participants this week too!

And if you're new here, well, this is how it works: Write a random post. Get the button and place it with care. And then leave your link with Mr. Linky. Easy, right? You could probably do it in your sleep after a couple of bottles of wine and a Percocet.

Let us begin!

I'm not blogging and drinking this time. I'm stoned on muscle relaxants instead. Could make for a mellow post.

I'm hitting the horse pills because I effed up my back somehow. I'm thinking that I over-exerted it last night. Here's the part where I tell you it was some fabulous new workout and oh, aren't I a dedicated little fitness buff, but no. My toddler woke up from a nightmare and it took 45 minutes of standing and rocking his 30-lb self to get him to calm down.

It also took approximately 3817 repetitions of singing the alphabet. I hope this doesn't create any bad associations for him. I guess if he runs screaming from the room during his first eye exam, we'll know for sure.

A haiku:

Naked! I feel naked!
Leaving cel phone at home is
like forgetting pants.

I wonder who first decided that having someone hug themselves and then flinging yourself bodily onto their shoulders in order to crack their back would be a medically sound decision?

I think I need another horse pill. My brain is tensing up. And my teeth feel like they might stay in their sockets, after all.

I'm a little disturbed by all the robot creations lately. Like robot teachers. And robot fish. Not to mention robot supermodels.

Also, botnets. Do I have to start worrying about the possibility of Skynet gaining sentience as well as zombies? I can only handle so many irrational fears, people.

Hm. ONE glass of wine probably wouldn't hurt, would it?

I mean, I'd PROBABLY wake up if the toddler was crying or the house burned down.


You guys are spoilsports.

Fine, I'll just get my pain relief from your RTT posts and loving comments. So hook me up, yo. Grab the button and make it happen!