HASAY update: Meh. And ow.

Hm, so, HASAY. Summary: I behaved, worked out (though not as enthusiastically as last week), and lost the two pounds I lost two weeks ago. Yeah. So - two steps backward, two steps forward? Or something.

I climbed back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon and after starving for the first two days, discovered that grandma was right the whole time: porridge really DOES stick to your colon ribs. So that helped. I did okay, though my "date dinner" with hubby on Thursday kind of screwed me. Lets just say there were three different kinds of chocolate, and hey, I'm an equal-opportunity kinda gal.

I hit the gym a few times and of course FoN, in her ongoing quest to find new and creative ways to try to kill me, signed us up for a "kettlebell" class on Wednesday night. A kettlebell, for those of you not in the know (which I wasn't, until Wednesday, and frankly I could have remained in the dark and been perfectly happy), is kind of like a bowling ball with a handle. Only it weighs about 15 lbs, and you spend 45 minutes flinging it around. Oh! And just for good measure there are plenty of lunges, squats, and pushups thrown in there as well. It works every single muscle you have and creates a few new ones to hurt, too. FoN had to dash to the bathroom halfway through because she thought she was going to puke, and I wasn't far behind.

For some reason she has expressed her desire to attend this class again. I've informed the proper authorities. As soon as she gets back from BC there should be a van waiting.

Also, ironically, someone named "kettlebell_fan" is now following me on Twitter.

Um, dude? I don't know if you actually read that tweet but I am NOT A FELLOW FAN.