Fitness & Health Edition, sort of: Random Tuesday Thoughts


It's that time again...and I almost forgot, because I didn't go to work today, because my son was teething or something and crying hysterically for what seemed like hours. And it seemed rather harsh to just leave him in a puddle of his own tears. (He's ONE, people. Maybe if he were two and able to medicate himself. They can do that by the time they're two, right?). So consequently I spent most of the day feeling like it was Sunday, albeit a crappy Sunday, since I don't have helpful hints like football or church to remind me that it's NOT.

But! I remembered! And here we go!

I feel like my post yesterday actually may have unsettled some people. Did I highlight the part where they were JUST DREAMS? They were just dreams, ya'll. FoN didn't ACTUALLY squish any cats, and I haven't killed any babies, my own or otherwise (to get technical, I didn't kill any in the dream either. I was just ABOUT to). We have no control over what we dream, right? I mean, to be that kind of control freak you'd have to be Martha Stewart.

I'm pretty sure she dreams about eating babies ON PURPOSE.

I was disappointed by the scale yesterday. More disappointed than I thought I would be, seeing as I've done this all before and I'm well aware that there are ups and downs and it's all about how you FEEL. Which is great. I feel great.

No I don't, I feel disappointed. Anyway, my disappointment turned into un-motivation and I skipped the gym this morning. Partly because I was unmotivated, partly because I was really tired after being up all night with a possessed teething toddler and partly because, well, I was really fucking sore after last week. But I felt obliged to do SOMETHING, so I fired up the Wii.

And then I got my ass handed to me in Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels by my son.

Did I mention he's one year old?

Sure, he won by pushing the 'home' button constantly when I was about to slice n' dice him, but still. It doesn't do much for the little pity party I have going on here.

(Which is about as fun as a tricep party).

I will totally demand a rematch when he's 15. And he'll be all, "What the hell is a Wii?", and, "Why are you still in the solid world anyway Mom? Why don't you just upload your brain into a virtual avatar like everyone else? You could be so much skinnier".

Ungrateful kids.

So after my defeat at the Scales of Injustice I decided that yes, I need to pay more attention to my food intake, and I should just suck it up and embrace the starvation go back on Weight Watchers. I track it online, because I'm usually sitting in front of the computer obsessively checking my blog for comments working anyway. The online version gives you a suggested meal plan for the week. Some of the ideas are not bad, so I was checking this weeks out and saw that for one of my 'snacks' it was suggesting "a cup of non-fat broth".

Really? REALLY, Weight Watchers? You claim to be a 'lifestyle change', not a 'diet', and you're suggesting I snack on BROTH? How is that any better than, oh, say, NOTHING??

So I logged off and ate my weight in Goldfish crackers.

*sigh* No, I didn't. I added 'non fat broth' to my shopping list.

What's the ETA on that uploading-your-brain-into-a-skinny-online-avatar thingie?

My thoughts don't seem that random this week. It's probably because I'm STARVING.

Maybe there's some kind of dessert I can make with non-fat broth.

Um...okay, before I eat my keyboard, I'm going to end it there...if you want to play, you know the drill! Grab the button, add it to your post, and leave your name and number link with Mr. Linky!