Biohazard: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Oh, yeah, baby, it's that time again! I was kind of low on enthusiasm since the whole household isn't feeling well but then I looked back at last week's Random Tuesday and now I'm all jazzed again. Who knew so many people had so many random thoughts in them*?

Okay, okay, it's kind of a no-brainer. Shut up.

So, shall we begin? You know what to do - sit through my inane ramblings, then grab the button and go write some of your own!

Um...not that YOURS would be inane, of course. I'm sure yours will be brilliant. Obviously.

...did I mention the part where thewhole family is sick? Apparently I've also acquired a case of foot-in-mouth.


You know how sometimes restaurants and retail stores will hire "secret shoppers"? Well, okay, maybe you don't know but just trust me, they do. The secret shoppers pretend they're ordinary customers and then send a report on their experience to the head office.

Doctors totally need that. My son has been sick for a while and it was starting to annoy worry me so I called to see if he could get in to see our doctor. Naturally, she wasn't in this week, because this week falls outside of her normal schedule. Which is apparently every third Thursday afternoon, and days of the full moon during hockey season. Of course this meant that the backup doctor was fully booked. So I had to make an appointment with that OTHER doctor.

You know, the one you can ALWAYS get in to see.


He swept in, looked in my son's ears and mouth, announced, "Nosignofinfection - mustbeviraljusthavetotoughitout - ohhe's16monthsprobablyteethingputsomeAnbesolonhisgums", and swept out before hubby could even say, "He's been a phlegm factory for a week now".

I bet you could fit "YOU SUCK" in there before he left the room. He needs to be informed. As a public service.

I don't feel so hot myself today (well, I'm HOT. Of course. I'm totally rocking this no-makup no-hair product look) so I'm sitting here with a hot water bottle on my grumbly belly. Why do hot water bottles smell so bad? Seriously - what exactly are they made out of? The previous one lasted a year or two before spontaneously losing its structural integrity and disintegrating when I tried to put water in it. NASA called - it wants it's experimental Flubber back.

And why do my fingers keep wanting to type "balls" instead of "bottle"?

I didn't watch the Academy Awards so I don't feel qualified to comment on them. Although I did hear about the Swarovski crystal curtain. Ooooh, sparkly.

I think this is going to be a short one because I've been staring at the screen for 20 minutes and all I can think about is how much my house is starting to look like a nuclear test site since we've all been sick. And how I just want to take my stinky water bottle and crawl into bed so that I can successfully ignore the tiny mutant burgeoning life forms in my kitchen sink.

So if you're not feeling sorry for yourself like I am, play along with us! Take the button, randomize your post, and leave your link in the gentle care of Mr. Linky!

*I totally love the way people played on Wednesday and even Thursday last week. But the people who come along much later and leave an unrelated link to their crappy "monetized" blog because they know I can't delete the link after so many days? You people can suck it.