I may even invest in a black leather trenchcoat

I kind of sucked in the HASAY department this week. The week started out really well, but went downhill. I ate out twice (would you like to know how many grams of fat are in a Mile High Mud Pie? No, you wouldn't) and then my son was sick all weekend and up all night so I couldn't make it to the gym. That means I haven't weighed in, which is probably a blessing. I've been running on goldfish crackers and enough caffeine to fell an elephant; I'm guessing it's not pretty.

But! Before it all went south FoN and I did get the opportunity to go to the karate class that we've been meaning to attend. It was actually billed as "Spirit Training", which was a source of great amusement, and we sort of assumed it was going to be a lot of humming. I'm happy to say we were wrong - it was a pretty good workout AND we got to learn how to get ourselves into trouble quite a few of the basic moves.

It was a nice small class and everyone seemed very welcoming and not at all prone to laughing at us. So, in the interest of multi-tasking and doing something to distract ourselves from all this fucking EXERCISING, we're going to try to show up regularly and actually *gasp* learn karate. (This might be a better fit for us than the martial art that Valentina wanted to learn, krav maga, which seems to be less about inclusion and balance and more about kicking your opponent in the throat while he's laying on the ground).

Plus, saying "I know karate" in a stupid Keanu Reeves voice? That NEVER gets old.