Although I'm dying to know what the REAL story is

My oldest and dearest friend FoN has a game going on over at her blog Kids and Daiquiris.

Well, she's not my oldest friend. She's the friend I've had the longest.

Although she IS older than me. Just to clear that up.

Anyway. The game is to make up a story about what, exactly, is going on in this picture:

I bet you all have ideas, but shut up and go play the game yourself if you do. This is my story.

Eddie smirked at me and gestured with the hand not holding the sewing machine.

"Go on," he encouraged, "Take the picture."

"Dude," I pleaded, "We don't have time, the cops are standing RIGHT THERE."

"They won't even notice us," he scoffed. "They're looking for two escapees in orange prison gear, not people in black tie evening wear. Take it."

"Fine," I sighed, raising the camera. "But then can we go?"

"Of course," he said magnanimously. "Don't you feel silly for laughing at me when I packed this handy-dandy miniature Sew and Go for the prison transfer?"

"Whatever," I grumbled, snapping the photo. "What did you make that tux out of, anyway?"

"Tire rubber and prison bed sheets I had shoved up my ass."

"...I'm very sorry I asked. Let's go for pancakes."