Deep philisophical discussions

This is a Facebook chat I had with FoN the other night. I don't know what to write as an intro to this. Really, I'm just as appalled as the rest of you.

(Please come back)

FoN: I dreamt I killed Politika's cat
and then left the squished dead cat on their kitchen floor
Politika's Daughter found it and Politika was mad and asked me to leave
Do you think I have issues?

Well, clearly you don't like cats.

FoN: I do! My head is a weird place

Me: Do you? Do you REALLY?

FoN: I didn't kill the cat on purpose

Me: just left it there for Politika's Daughter to find?

FoN: Well, yeah. Actually, I forgot about it

Me: lol
So you're violent AND you have memory issues...

Whatever, I once had a dream that the end of the world was coming and people were killing their children humanely so they didn't have to suffer and I didn't have children so I just found one to kill. You were REALLY upset with me.

FoN: Yeah, I would take issues with that.

No killing babies.
Adopt that as your motto

Me: You were killing YOURS.

You just thought it shouldn't be my job since it wasn't mine.

Well, thats my right as their mother

Me: Yes, exactly.

See? My head is a weird place too.

FoN: That's OK. If it happens, I'll let you kill one of my children

Me: Aw, thanks. But I have one now. I wouldn't be missing out.

FoN: Well, I have three, so that would be two for you and two for me!

J is wondering what I'm laughing at

I'm not going to tell her

Me: lol probably wise

She'd always be wondering if I was sizing her up for killin'...

FoN: Especially since she has a friend over

Me: A boy? Way to scare off any potential man-friends

FoN: I just asked her and she would prefer you to kill her.

I'm not sure how I feel about that


FoN: Now her and her friend are dividing up their friends

As in, who gets to kill who

Me: omg, your child is just as warped as us

I feel terrible!!

FoN: Clearly. I'm not sure how I feel about that either

Me: I feel like I should blog this whole conversation.

Nobody would ever follow us again.