People suck and sometimes so do their books: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Wow, I can't believe it's that time of week again. Time just flies by when the highlight of your week is a blogging meme, doesn't it?

Um, I mean, not that this is the highlight of my week. Far more interesting things happen to me, on a regular basis. Daily, even. Really.


So - shall we begin?

I almost forgot about this again because today is a holiday. It's "Family Day". It's a relatively new holiday. I think they called it that because "Long Weekend In February To Keep Our Citizens From Committing Murder-Suicide During The Bitter, Sucky Winter" was a little too long and unwieldy. So instead, they apply undue social pressure to have happy family time. It's a very balanced government.

So, um, Twilight. I keep feeling like I have to apologize for this opinion, but: Meh. Seriously. I understand that it's written for teenage girls, so maybe I'm just really out of touch with my inner teenage girl (everyone stop thinking about touching teenaged girls, please), but it was a little boring. Bella started out kind of interesting, but add a dash of vampire and she's all, "Save me! Save me! Even though I'm super self-absorbed and a little whiny!". It took someone wanting to kill her to even pique my interest (possibly because I empathized), and that didn't happen until 2/3 of the way through the book.

So, yeah. I didn't hate it. But there was no "squeee!" factor. I can see the appeal for teenage girls. The rest of you have no excuse.


Is it just me or does a certain circle-shaped cereal taste a teensy bit Sometimes when I burp them up I think, "ew, fishy". And this morning when I was chowing down on my healthy breakfast I caught the scent again. Not even good "yummy fresh sushi" fish. More like "3 days in the back of a pickup" fish.


(trying to avoid a lawsuit here)

(how'm I doing?)

Someone stole my wallet yesterday so I'm grouchy and feeling kind of naked. And not in a good way.

Yes, Cameron, there's a bad naked. Imagine being starkers at maximum shrinkage in front of your grade 7 crush. There, see? Bad naked.

Anyway. I hope whoever used my credit card to go on a shopping spree at least had the decency to use my points card at Best Buy, too.

Also, I'd like my coffee shop punch card back. I had a free bag of beans on that sucker.

I was angrier about this earlier but while I was at the police station filing a report there was some poor woman there hysterical because her ex wouldn't give her 10 year old son back, and wouldn't let her talk to him. Which I think was the universe's way of telling me, "quit whining, you stupid cow, it could be worse".

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