The book of Exercis, Chapter 15, Verse 2

May the HASAY be with you
(And also with you).

On the first day, she did go out, and go to the gym, and it was good tolerable.

On the second day, she did go out, and go to the gym, and commend herself for her devotion, yet there was no burning bush, and no ray of light, save for that being sung on her iPod. And she was uninspired, and she despaired.

On the third day, she did go out, and join a group of mad people, and it was called Boot Camp. It was strenuous, and it did suck.

On the fourth day, she did rest,
if you can call a full day of work followed by toddler antics "rest"
because what kind of crazy person works out four days in a row?
because she was weary.

On the fifth day, she did worship at the altar of Nin Ten Do, and she did box her virtual enemies soundly.

And on the sixth and seventh days, she did string her racquet with the gut of a cat, and she did join in the feats of sport, and she did get her ass handed to her her best. And lo, whereupon she felt brave enough to try to conquer The Scale of Justice. But the Scale did defeat her.

By two pounds.

That's it. This religion sucks, I'm converting.