The other recommendation was "stupid gift game where someone always steals the one you want at the last second" : Random Tuesday Thoughts


So! Here we all are again. On a Tuesday. Twiddling our thumbs, looking around at each other but not making eye contact...

Oh, wait, that was my mumblemumble Anonymous meeting.

THIS is way more fun. Got something to say? A few paltry bits that you can't really tie together, thematically speaking, but that you want to post anyway? Round 'em up with Random Tuesday Thoughts and link up!

Today's beverage of choice is hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps. Hubby received some schnapps in the (insert more politically correct term than 'Chinese gift exchange' here*) at a dinner party Saturday night. Guess who's allergic to mint?

Well, not ME. Heh.

*Google informs me that better terms are "Dirty Santa" and "Rob Your Neighbour". Yes, Google, that makes it sound MUCH more appealing.

(I am so getting Google searches for Santa porn now, aren't I?)

Speaking of which, someone contacted me with a "search engine advertising" opportunity for my blog. Basically, ads would appear for people who get here using a search engine, targeted to them and what they searched for. You, my wonderful regular readers, would never see a thing.

I sent them back a note saying it sounded interesting, but that they may want to have a peek at what Google searches actually get people to my blog, first:


You know what would be fantastic? If they would make my beloved City of Heroes game for the Wii. If I had to actually punch the virtual bad guys in the nads and do flip kicks off their heads, I would probably look a lot better in my spandex.

Um, I mean, I would be looking so good I could wear spandex. Yeah, that's what I meant to say.

So, get on that, NCSoft. My potentially smokin' bod depends on you.

On a totally unrelated note, did anybody read Farenheit 451? Remember those full-wall interactive TV screens that pretty much meant nobody ever had to actually talk to other human beings again?

I don't know what made me think of that. That could never happen.

I told hubby today, "I'm just going to let myself go and get really fat, okay?" He's used to hearing weird hormonal statements from me lately, so he just shrugged.

I'm pretty sure that means it's okay.

My doctor has decided to close her practice and go be a full-time parent. Which is a sentiment I totally get, but I am still a little upset. I mean a) she was awesome, and b) Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a medical professional that doesn't think I'm a nutjob?

Thank goodness there's you guys. Quick, diagnose this lump, will ya?

Here's a thought: Got a cold? Don't lather yourself up with Vicks and then head to bed and expect to get grabby with your husband's stick shift. Or at least don't expect him to appreciate it. Not that this has happened to me. Because I think these things through.

And, on that note...where's the Vicks?

Random up, you guys. Don't make me come over there.