Wait, there's something happening tonight?

I've never been a big New Years partyer (over priced drinks for lackluster entertainment and the complete inability to find a cab! Whee!), or big on resolutions, either. So somehow it managed to escape me that today is not just the last day of the year, it's the last day of the decade.

I was going to post a summary of what I did this year, but in light of this sudden revelation, maybe I'll cover more ground.

So. What have I done in the last decade?

Travelled. Got a university degree, and a couple of tattoos. Snagged my soul mate, adopted an insane dog, bought a house and birthed probably the cutest kid ever (I'm still waiting for my award).

What have I done this past year?

*checks post history*

Uh...not a fuck of a lot, actually. Close to nothing, in fact. But hey - I blogged about it.

(I hereby resolve to do better next year.)

(I mean that in a "non-resolutiony" kind of way.)