If I want to reduce clutter I should probably stop getting too fat for my clothes: Random Tuesday Thoughts


And so, another year is done. Holy crap, y'all, I've been doing this blogging thing for two Christmas seasons now! That's longer than I've kept my head in the game for most things. Including parenting!

Random Tuesdays has been going on almost that long, too. But still, occasionally someone new wanders by accidentally (probably tempted by the eggnog and cookies I left out). It's really easy, folks - if you've got a bunch of stray thoughts that aspire to be a whole blog post some day, but don't quite cut the mustard*, stitch them all together with this handy purple badge and then link up!

*I thought the phrase is actually "pass muster", and I've just been fucking it up the whole time. But, no, apparently I'm not the first person to get it wrong. Which, I guess, is good. If I hadn't built such a reputation on pioneering fuckups, that is. Now what will define me?? I'm just one of the crowd!

My Mom just started her own blog. I'm not sure how to feel about that.

No, really, I'll get back to you on it.

I have this whole week off and my goal is to have the house looking like something out of Real Simple magazine for at least two days before I have to go back to work. This would be a lot more achievable if it weren't Christmas. I mean, it's hard to purge your house of unnecessary crap during a holiday that's pretty much dedicated to acquiring more crap.

Anybody want some crap?

The new TV actually takes up LESS space, so it's justified.

Shut up. At least I got rid of the old one first.

We also got my son a "real" bed. Pardon me while I take a few moments to go curl myself around his newborn onesies in a corner and sob uncontrollably.

I am debating whether to blame my shrinking jeans on hormones, Christmas cookies, or aliens. Possibly all three. I ripped the butt out of my favorite pair today. Which, y'know, I guess they were a little worn out. But still. The reason they were my favorite was because they were the really nice pair I bought myself as a reward for hitting my Weight Watchers goal a while back.

Okay, a year and a half ago.


I still have Christmas present to wrap. I've never been very good at the "timely" thing.

So I should go do some gaming that. Hard to have a Real Simple house with unwrapped presents, I tell ya. I want this house looking as neat and tidy as this blog!

Um. Okay, bad example.

I'm sure it would look much better if I dusted...*shoves empty wine glasses and chocolate wrappers under the couch*

...hm. Well, it wouldn't be random if it were tidy, now, would it? It's your turn to play...grab the button and link up, and then go bless the others with a holiday visit!