Secret Stalker, er, Santa

This year, like last year, Jen's Spin Cycle is a 'Secret Santa' edition. You pick a favorite blogger and write a post in their honor.

I have more than a few favorite bloggers. I sent Jen a list of over 10 (the assignment was 5. I suck at reading directions, okay?), and that wasn't even scratching the surface. She selected Tiptoeing Through The Tulips.

I've shouted hosannas for Cristin over here before, but it's certainly worth repeating. The woman is amazing. Her writing can make you laugh and it can make you cry. Or both. Sometimes several times within the same post. She's kind of manipulative, now that I think about it.

And what she shares about herself as a person shows how amazing she is, too. She works in a care home (some of my favorite posts). She's gone through hells most of us can't imagine and still considers herself lucky. She's a fierce Mama Bear to an awesome Deaf kid (and another one who's also unbearably cute). She's the kind of person who would move heaven & earth to make sure a co-worker can get home to his sick mom, and never take any credit for it.

Oh yeah, and she swears a lot. Holla.

So cheers, Cristin! Maybe one day we'll meet in the real world. You can tell me to fuck off, and I can punch you in the face for making me cry so much, and then we'll go get drunk.

Happy Holidays, you guys.