Pretty sure I was whining about the cold last year, too: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Like, hey, man. It's Tuuueesssday. Isn't that groovy?

Sorry. I had a spa date with FoN this afternoon. We got massages and pedis and now I feel extremely relaxed. Also, I smell like mangos and chocolate.

Wait! Don't go away. I know you usually show up here for the rage and bitterness, and there isn't any today, because I'm just soooooo relaxed. But at least stick around long enough to link your own Random Tuesday post. K? K.

Well, I am a little bitter about the weather. It's minus 41 with the wind chill. That is really fucking cold, people. Exposed skin (should you be brave enough) freezes within a couple of minutes. I've wondered it before and I'll probably wonder it again, but - who the hell was marching along and thought, "Hm, this seems like a good place to stop. Let's make a town! It's even possible we'll survive!" Where you can see what your friends are buying. Oh HAI, Big Brother! I didn't see you watching there!

The massage therapist worked the kink out of my neck, which I'm pretty sure was a direct result of hunching up in anger at work. It feels fantastic. Just in time for me to go back to hunching tomorrow.

While I was at the spa I was reading Women's Health, because I like to pretend I'm skinny and fit in addition to being pampered. There was a blurb in there for Really?

The mag was from April so I figured MixMyGranola couldn't possibly be still in business, but there it is. I guess there are enough people that have the burning desire to tell their friends they have their breakfast cereal custom-made.

Rodent Playoff score this season: Me, 2, Mousies, 0.

I did the 30 day Shred yesterday. But today I went to the spa. I think that exempts me.

I didn't say it was logical.

I still don't have a Christmas tree. I have all the decorations I want for this years 'theme' (blue and silver and gunmetal grey), but it's been too frakkin' cold to go browse the vegetation. I seem to remember this happening last year, and it never did warm up at a convenient time so we ended up buying one of the last few on the last day the lot was open, and the weather was still unholy.

Whee! It's a Christmas tradition!

Also, and I can hardly believe this, but I've been spewing this nonsense for well over a year now. So, Random Tuesdays are pretty much a tradition. Go forth! And dazzle us with your shiny Christmas tidbits!