This is what happens when I have distractions and no booze: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Woot! It's Tuesday! Tuesday is actually the start of my work week now, so there's less 'woot' involved than you'd think. So to speak.

Tuesday means random, so if you've got some stray thoughts you want to herd up (git along, little dogies!), write 'em all up together and use this handy, sticky button to turn them into a legitimate post. Sort of.

Ready? Go!

Hubby is currently sitting on the computer behind me, blogging and slurping tea and watching football. It's seriously fucking with my mojo.

He also has a snorty type of cold.

I can't do this.

Have I mentioned lately I'm a little hormonal? Like, I alternately want to sleep, scream, cry, or stab something? It's awesome. And by awesome I mean "rip this fucking uterus out of me right now or I'll do it myself with a grapefruit spoon".

What? They have that handy jagged edge.

So, am I the only person who thinks "Cyber Monday" sounds kind of dirty? Anyone? Okay, never mind. Just...keep both hands on the keyboard where I can see them.

This is the kind of email conversation I wish I could have with my boss. Except, he pays me, so I guess I don't have that as a reason to rage.

Don't worry, I have many others.

Some random thoughts from my son: "Soap! Wash! Orange and Blue! Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy! Mum? Mouth! Nummies! Eat! Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy!"

(I translated for you. It actually sounded like this: "Ope! Osh! Oynge n Boo! Ai Daddy! Ai Daddy! Ai Daddy! Ai Daddy! Ai Daddy! Ai Daddy! Mum? Mowf! Nummies! Eat! Ai Daddy! Ai Daddy! Ai Daddy!")

I'm going to get one of these for my kid's first day of school. Since that's 3 years away, possibly by then he'll be able to speak properly and explain to people what a headcase his mother is.

I'm pretty much done my Christmas shopping. I know, you hate me, right? Don't worry, it's only because I don't have any friends.

Okay, not really. My brain just works in that elusive "ideal" way that people claim they aspire to - I only buy gifts for people if I think it's something they would truly love and it's something I'd truly love to give them. With the possible exception of my inlaws, I feel no sense of gift obligation anymore.

I'm sure it just adds to other people's anxiety - omg, she got me a gift, I wasn't expecting a gift! Now I have to get her a gift! Wait - this year she didn't get me a gift! What a bitch!

(I live to give. Even if it's the gift of anxiety.)

I have another mouse in my house. Unlike the one I murdered in the spring, this one is a coward. It has yet to show it's furry little face, only leaves its little brown calling cards and gnaws loudly when it thinks everyone is asleep.

I feel disdain for it.

From Google Analytics: "Elephant never lies and never forgets shirt"

Okay! That's it for me. I'm tapped. Want to drain your own brain? Grab the button and link up!

(Mr. Linky and I had another tiff and he's locked me out of the house for the night. So when he gets the flowers I sent in the morning, I'll fix this. Til then, leave your link in the comments.)