Is anybody even bothering to take bets on my novel-writing abilities? (Random Tuesday Thoughts)


Okay! So here I am again, quite obviously not writing a novel for NaNoWriMo. But I do have an outline now. In my head.

Anyway, I can't disappoint you guys on Tuesdays, especially this month when a good many of you might be counting on this meme to get you through another day of NaBloPoMo.

What is it about writers and silly abbreviations? You'd think we don't take ourselves seriously, or something.

In case you didn't notice, Captain Dumbass and Middle Aged Woman have conspired to create The Zombie News Network. Now, I know why the Captain might hate me, but I don't even KNOW you, MAW!

Weirdest Wii accessory ever: Baby and Me.

My dog has gimpy knees. My dog food supplier lady just recommended Recovery SA as a supplement, she said it's worked miracles for her dog and many others she knows. They make it for people, too. Anybody ever heard of it or tried it?

I bought candy I'm not really fond of for Hallowe'en so that I wouldn't end up eating it all. I really should have known better. Now I'm still ingesting the calories, but not even getting to enjoy it.

Casey totally owes me one. In possibly the weirdest bloggy pal move ever, I bought a ceiling fan for her at Home Depot here and am flagrantly mis-using company resources to ship it across the border. It's mostly weird because I've run into stuff being available in the US but not Canada all the time, but never the other way around.

I'll take the favor in the form of a pass from this months HASAY weigh-in, because, uh, yeah. It's not pretty. See above re: Hallowe'en candy.

I often write blog posts to the soundtrack of my son chatting himself to sleep. Tonight he's making 'whooshing' noises, like maybe he feels like he needs some ocean sounds? Or a spa day? Kids are weird.

And now I'm going to slink off into a sugar haze and play video games try to write a novel. Cheers, y'all.