Maybe National NOG month: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Oh hey! It's Tuesday! That kinda sneaks up on you, huh?

Anyway, you know what Tuesday means around here - time to get random! Spew some lyrical bullshit, let your mind out to roam, or whatever, then grab the button and call it a post. Easy peasy - especially for those of you struggling with the last few NaBloPoMo posts!

Shall we begin?

My parents finally (hallelujah!) got highspeed internet, which means that my Mom can now read this blog regularly. Because apparently it's too graphic-intense for dial-up? I think binary is probably too graphic intense for dial-up these days, but anyway.

Everybody wave to Mom and hide the dildos, okay?

(Man, it's just like high school all over again.)

I'm having a rum and eggnog. Because I'm fucking festive, y'all. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a bloated eggnog muffin top, y'know?

(It's not even the 'lite' stuff, because that isn't available yet. Apparently it's too early in the season for people to be feeling nog remorse.)

I think I've just created a new activity - the Nog n' Blog. Want to partake? It gets way more fun if you say it out loud a few times.

(Also, if you've had a few nogs.)

Nog nog nog nog nog. Nog nog.

Have you heard about this woman who had her long-term disability benefits revoked, because she was diagnosed with depression but posted photos on Facebook of herself (gasp!) smiling and going on vacation? I mean, how dare she? The NERVE. Everybody knows people with depression wear nothing but black, attend random funerals and listen to The Cure all day. I'm pretty sure psychiatrists have published studies with that exact medical terminology!

Shoes, made out of bread. Most entertaining about this is the comments. Especially the indignation of people pointing out that H.R. Giger did it already in the 70s. Um, I love me some Giger, but someone ripping off a crappy idea means you should probably pity them, not condemn them.

The novel thing? Yeah, not happening. I really did get pretty sick last week and I've been basically sleeping it off ever since. Maybe I'll do DecNoWriMo.

Y'know, because nothing else really happens in December.

Anyway, you got some random smack to talk? Grab the fugly button and link up!