What does the Canadian Mafia do when they want to send you a message?

...apparently, they put a moose head in your dumpster.

This week, there was a moose head in our disposal bin behind the office. As in, the severed head of a very large roaming land mammal.

Moose. Head. In our dumpster. What the FUCK?

Now, I know some of you think that we Canucks live it rough up here on the tundra, spearing stray narwhals and clubbing seals on our way to work in the morning, but we do indeed have cities. I happen to live in one of them, and my office happens to be downtown. Not a whole lot of room to be slaughtering animals that are the size of a Buick, y'know? So I can't help but wonder a) Where it came from and b) WHAT THE FUCK?

I'm not going to post a picture of this poor animals cranium here because some of you got grossed out when I posted a picture of a dead mouse. This is one vowel and about 75 pounds different. But I know there are at least a few of you that are going, "OMG ewwwwwwwww WTF that is so gross A DEAD MOOSE OMG well aren't you going to show me?"

No? Just me then?

Well here's the picture anyway. Click or don't click, I don't judge.

(I do check web stats though.)

Anyway, all I can say is - I WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED. I don't care what kind of dead animal you put in our dumpster or throw through our front window*. I've been sick and really busy. You're not getting your artwork any faster, okay?

*Just a suggestion. My work day is pretty boring, barring the odd severed head.