No, I'm not dead, despite those assassins you keep sending: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Oh, hai. So THIS is where I put that blog. I thought it was under the mattress, because that's where I put all my other important stuff, and my life savings. But no, it was out here collecting dust in the internet's tool shed.

Anyway, I have a good excuse - I really was, in fact, writing my NaNoWriMo novel. I have 11,000 words. I'm right on track, as long as November has 5 weeks.

November does have 5 weeks, doesn't it?

I've also been getting my ass handed to me at work. Both bosses are in Phoenix hopefully getting stricken with the Swine Flu and maybe some leprosy golfing, and the Ninja Office Manager is out with the flu.

Though she very kindly diseased every surface in the building before we bullied her into seeing the doctor. Thanks, ever so much. Cue my obsessive handwashing and love affair with bleach.

And someone else is sick and the shop foreman's father passed away. It's not that big of a company, so like 40% of the staff is missing. Guess who gets to pick up the slack?

On an unrelated note, I find it fascinating that I can do 90% of my boss' job in his absence. Yet he could probably do about a quarter of mine if I were MIA. How does that work, exactly?

On yet another unrelated note, I've been feeling a lot of rage lately. Mostly between the hours of 8 and 5, though occasionally it lingers as late as 8pm.

On yet another unrelated note, it's 8pm. I'm having a glass of wine.

I seem to gather more followers when I don't post than when I do. I'm...not sure how to take that.

Oh, no, wait. I lost one just now. Phew. That makes me feel better.

I had a session with Trainer Lady today. She usually focusses on stretches and rehabilitating my gimpy back, but today I made the mistake of saying that my back has actually been feeling pretty good. So she worked me out really hard and then gave me homework.

This is totally not what I signed up for.

I guess if I was paying her to enable my alcoholism and feed me chocolate, I'd...make a really awesome personal trainer myself.

So you're probably dying to know what my novel is about, right? It's just a silly little romantic piece of fluff. I know, because I seem like I have such a strong romantic streak, right?

Although I had to change my character's names from Emily and Eddie because Anymommy stole those.

Just kidding. My romance novel characters are named Crystal Dawn and Blake Stone, like sensible romance novel characters should be.

I haven't checked my Google searches in a while. They're just...too weird. Also, there seem to be an alarming amount of people who really do believe the h1n1 vaccine will turn them into zombies.

(Sidebar: I freaked out after the Office Ninja got the flu and sent hubby down to the concentration camp vaccination clinic to get our toddler immunized. He's the only one who qualifies so far in our province. And I'm allowed to change my mind in the face of potentially watching my kid on a ventilator, ok?)

But for whatever reason I looked at them today, and I must share this one with you, because it is just plain wrong: "caillou's mom porn"

So very, very wrong.

I bet you've always wondered what a shaved bear looks like, huh?

Anyway, I'm off to procrastinate my novel again. I promise to post something between now and next Tuesday. Maybe. If the h1n1 zombies don't get me.