I'm brain dead so I'm just rehashing the Interwebs for you: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Soooo, it's Tuesday. Oh yes it is. I guess that means you're expecting a post out of me, huh?

Well, I gotta warn you, it was my kids birthday this weekend and apparently hosting a party for a 2 year old is exhausting. All that screaming and red food dye and...energy. It's draining.

But, anyway, here goes.

Two idiots men scaled a 15 foot wall lined with barbed wire into the pen of a Siberian Tiger at the Calgary Zoo yesterday.

Don't worry, the tiger is fine.

(Seriously - how could you possibly think that would turn out well?)

Some very dear friends of ours came to my son's birthday this weekend and brought their 3 year old. They happen to be Catholics, so when I blurted a frustrated "Oh, my GOD!" in reference to our stupid dog and her antics, their son very solemnly told me, "You shouldn't say that."

I apologized, but then I thought, well his Mom says that, doesn't she?

Oh, no, I remembered. She says "Oh my fuck" instead.

And while we're speaking of Creationism, I totally want this shirt.

Someone has created a lamp that is powered by human blood. The premise behind it is energy consciousness - that is, would we turn on fewer lights if we knew it would cost us something?

Uh, no, because it won't cost ME anything. The Jehovahs and Girl Scouts would be a little more cautious about coming to my house during the Festival of Lights season, though.

Everything will be ok, although this website makes my spine hurt for some reason.

Aaaannnndd....what stormtroopers do on their day off. (Don't worry, I already sent the link to Captain Dumbass.)

Phew. Hard work, recycling the interwebby thing like that. You guys must have more independent thought than that - spew it out and link up!