Facebook etiquette: the new Frontier

I have a question, you guys. Kind of a dilemma.

How do you de-friend someone on Facebook if you want to remain their friend in real life?

I seem to have a few friends who, while perfectly lovely people to hang out with and have civilized conversations with, display what is I assume their true colors on Facebook. They trumpet opinions, they attack others, they make sweeping generalizations and self-aggrandizing statements. And they do it every 20 minutes.

I mean, if you want to do that, start a fucking blog, right?

I would just remove their info feed from my profile but naturally, they're also the kind of people who bring the stuff they've posted up in conversation: "Hey, did you see that [politically skewed and sensationalist] article I posted? What did you think?" I suck at lying unless I've had at least a week to prepare, and I can hardly claim I don't frequent Facebook.

So, to de-friend or not to de-friend? Do you give them an explanation? Quietly drop off their list? Ask them to stop being such douchebags so you can go back to enjoying their company?

I haven't had this much angst since high school. Maybe I really DO have too much time on my hands.