Most of these could have been a whole blog post, but I'm all about efficiency: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Yay! Randomness! Tuesday! Yay! Randomness! Tuesday! Yay! Randomness! Tuesday!

Wait, there was kind of a pattern there. Crap.

Anyway. On to other random things. I was going to post a summary of random bits of judgement, as Becky the Suburban Matron did last week, but then I realized I had other life bits to say. So I'll judge things tomorrow, or possibly Thursday.

My inlaws have declared this Christmas to be a "kids gifts only" Christmas. Which is awesome, because they are possibly the most difficult people on the planet to shop for. I tried to get creative one year and give them symphony tickets, which they professed to have enjoyed, other than the fact that it meant they had to drive into town on a day they normally wouldn't and go somewhere they normally wouldn't and attend something they normally wouldn't and then drive home in a blizzard.

Now I just get them a book (MIL) and beer (FIL).

Though I've been relieved of the obligation of getting them anything, I remain suspicious that they will pass judgement regardless, because I didn't get them anything.

My own parents usually do a "homemade, consumable, or recycled" gift theme, so we don't all end up with so much Stuff. You should try it - you get a lot of wine and chocolate, it's awesome.

My MIL manages to squeeze a dishtowel for me into every care package she sends for my son. I have NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANS. I don't do enough dishes? I do too many dishes? I need a dishwasher? The 47 dishtowels I have already aren't sufficient?? What, woman, WHAT?

I have decided I'm going to participate in NaNoWriMo. I know, clearly I have too much time on my hands. Ahem.

Blogging will suffer. I'm sorry, or alternately (if you think my blogging sucks), you're welcome.

Remember the fiasco with UPS and my undelivered boots? The ones they promised to deliver between 2:00 and 5:00, and yet, according to their own tracking, showed up at 12:30? The ones they claim they attempted to deliver 3 times despite the fact that someone was home the entire time? Yeah, that.

Now they've invoiced me for the brokerage fees, invoiced the company I bought them from for shipping them BACK, and have informed that same company that my "front desk" refused the package because it didn't want to pay said brokerage fees.

Guess who's getting a strongly worded letter informing them where they can shove their brokerage fees?

There may be addendums to that letter, also, including but not limited to: copies of the cute little postie notes they left informing me they'd show up between 2:00 and 5:00; copies of their own tracking detailing when they actually DID show up; and a video showing how, exactly, my dog reacts when someone happens to knock on the door of my "front desk", lest there be any confusion as to whether someone might have overlooked their arrival.

Possibly I'll include a picture of my finger, too, if I'm feeling jaunty.

Anyway. Got some judging or venting or random bits of information to get out of your brain, too? Shake out the Hallowe'en cobwebs and smear them on a blog post! Random up!