It's Thanksgiving, I'm told I should be glad to have friends like these: Random Tuesday Thoughts

(So, I'm probably still on the road trying to find somewhere to get a decent breakfast and knock the ringing out of my ears. My BFF FoN was bullied into offered to host this weeks Random Tuesday. Rock on, ya'll, and happy Canadian Thanksgiving.)


Hi everybody! Keely is off head banging at the Metallica concert today so she’s asked me to host the very fetching weekly brain dump that is Random Tuesday Thoughts! This was very nice of her since I’ve been a little ‘meh’ on the whole blogging thing lately, and I needed an assignment to get me back in the swing of things. Shall we get started?

So, Keely went to Winnipeg, Manitoba to see Metallica in concert. This is very appropriate since Winnipeg seems to be the place that 80’s headbangers go to die. Seriously, the whole city is one giant Motley Crew look-a-like contest. I went to a mall in Winnipeg a few months ago and saw this woman pushing a baby stroller who looked exactly like Lee Aaron. And she was wearing skinny jeans with high top runners, a tank top with her boobs hanging out and had a leather fringe purse with some feathers tied to the strap. The best part? Her jeans were low enough that I could see her tramp stamp. It read ‘I like it doggy style’.

I was in Winnipeg this weekend too. Not to see a aging group of has-beens who haven’t put out a good record since the late eighties concert, but because my mother lives there and up here we celebrate thanksgiving in October. The Canadian thanksgiving is pretty much the same as the American thanksgiving in that we eat turkey until we puke, watch football all day and review all the things we should be thankful for. Then we drink too much and get in a huge screaming fight and drag up all the old arguments we haven’t visited in years and make sure at least one person is crying before we all eventually pass out. Good times.

It fucking snowed her this weekend. SNOWED. I still haven’t recovered from last winter’s cold and wretched death grasp. I can’t deal with this for another seven months and I plan on being a raging bitch straight through to May. I fucking HATE winter. Yeah, I know I live in Canada. I stay for the health care.

How’s that going down there by the way? Have the republicans managed to convince everyone that if poor people get access to healthcare all the grandmothers in the country will be executed firing squad style? I mean, because that seems totally reasonable.

Is it weird that all my parents friends have gotten SUPER old and are retired and looking at moving into condos and downsizing because they don’t want to ‘deal with the stairs’ anymore, and yet somehow I haven’t aged a day?

Alright – I think that’s it for me. Thanks Keely for letting me squat here for the day. And don’t worry; I didn’t touch your comic books or any of that other weird geeky shit you like. I tried to clean up after myself, but you might find the odd reality television show or happy meal lying around. If you do, just try the fries. They are delicious.

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