Plus those clothes would look ridiculous on me: Random Tuesday Thoughts


So! It's that time again? Who wants to get jiggy with it random? Grab the button from below, ramble your little butt off (I hear it's good exercise!) and leave your link!

Who's going to BlogHer? Anybody? Anybody? FoN thinks it would be a good road trip. Personally, I'm intimidated. And broke. Intimibroke. She's pushing for Vegas as a second option. Do they have casinos in Chicago? Because whichever trip we go on, I'm going to have to win back my expenses at the poker table.

Crap. I should probably figure out how to play poker.

Radio ads are getting stupider. The other day I heard one in particular that made me cringe. (Vaguely creepy male voice): "You've seen her wearing them...and you've seen HER wearing them...and you know if YOU could wear them...your booty would look great. ".

Really? My inner voice has never used the word "booty", thank you very much. And it rarely, if ever, is stupid enough to assume that the JEANS are the reason that size 2 over there looks good. Marketing FAIL.

I wonder what I would do if I suddenly got flung back in time? I mean like, 200 years back, not to last week (although, I wonder that sometimes too. I wouldn't have eaten those fries and I would have gone to the gym instead. No, really). I have NO marketable skills for a medieval environment. I seriously doubt Queen Whoever would be in need of a graphic artist who spends too much time blogging. I can't hunt or sew or make a bow & arrow out of a rabbit's rib bone. I can't sing for my supper. I'd have a complete meltdown the first time I tried to cook or clean without, y'know, electricity.

This concerns me.

Maybe I should become one of those survivalists. You know, the people who can make a shiv out of an eyeglass lense and a rubber band (well, them and MacGuyver), hunt and cook their dinner and then make a nice table arrangement out of the remains. Then if I were inexplicably sent back to the 16th century I'd be covered, AND as a bonus I'd be well prepared for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

Those people are a little weird though.

Unlike those of us who choose to post our mental leavings on the internet.


I'm thinking these Random Tuesday Thoughts often present their own closing point, no? Like where I start to think that maybe ya'll are phoning the nuthatch to come and get me.

But if they took me away you couldn't play! So get randomizing!

We're trying out Mr. Linky again today...he better perform *shakes fist threateningly* But just in case, leave your link in your comment.